Vans hight black yellow women
Vans hight black yellow women

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Vans is the original extreme sports street card initiated by Paul Van Doron on March 16, 1966. The company is located in Southern California, USA, starting with extreme sports, including skateboarding, surfing, BMX, skiing and so on.
 Taking skateboarding as the root, the lifestyle, art, music and street fashion culture are injected into Vans aesthetics to form a unique youth cultural symbol, which is a world-wide brand that young extreme sports fans and trend people agree to welcome!
 Authentic is Vans' first shoe.
 The famous sports and leisure brand VANS, founded in 1966, is located in Anaheim, California. Create CASUAL FOOTWEAR and start with it. The styles produced under its brand are deeply loved by fashionable young people in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other places. The sole of the first pair of VANS shoes consists of a diamond pattern. Since then, Paul has added a straight line to the sole of the VANS shoe to make the sole more slippery and prevent slipping. The use of a conservative softening manufacturing method (vulcanized sole) gives the shoe a firm texture.
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