Natural Resource Development

FJS Energy is actively sourcing and acquiring natural resource assets around the globe to ensure an uninterrupted supply of resources


Coal is sometimes called “Black Diamond” the product of decayed plant matter from eons ago after its 300 million-year journey from prehistoric swamps now delivered to your light switch at home. FJSE continues to secure substantial coal assets in several countries. Such strategic moves allow the organisation to provide fuel security to India which is expected to have a deficit of over 200 million tons of coal a year by 2015. Apart from the power sector, India has a growing need of coal in other sectors like steel, cement, metal forgery, etc. to meet its infrastructure growth.

FJSE has approx. 200 million tons of high vol coal under development in Kentucky, USA. Currently FJSE has 50,000 tons per month of coal supply from the Kentucky mines.  FJSE anticipates that with full operationalization of its Kentucky mines by 2012 year end, it will be producing 500,000 tons per month of high-vol coal.

FJSE has approx. 400 million tons of high BTU, low sulphur and negligible moisture steam coal under negotiations in Western USA.  Upon closure of this transaction FJSE anticipates to develop this mine in 2012 and 2013 for 10 million tons per annum production of coal from this mine.


Lignite, often referred to as brown coal. Because of its low energy density and typically high moisture content, brown coal is inefficient to transport and is not traded extensively on the world market compared with higher coal grades. It is often burned in power stations constructed very close to any mines. FJSE along with its partners are working on initiative that will result in pit head power plants.


Iron ores are rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. FJSE in its endeavour to secure fuel works alongside its partners that mine Iron as well. This commodity market is a quickly maturing one.


FJSE is in negotiations of securing more than 200 million pounds of Uranium reserves in Africa.

Other Minerals

While the mining operations are underway FJSE has found some proven reserves of limestone and Bauxite